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THE COMUNICANO for Wednesday February 13th 2019

CBD's are the rage, but are they legal yet....Will Remote equal Rural....Using the Blockchain to ID D
February 13 · Issue #485 · View online
Andy Abramson
CBD’s are the rage, but are they legal yet….Will Remote equal Rural….Using the Blockchain to ID Deepfakes….Coinbase to backup to Google Drive….Fintech to drive small business……AI and BankingWeWork to crowdsource skills…Warehouses go vertical Airbnb style….FBI hacking of Messenger won’t be told….T-Mobile wants to make 5G “affordable”…Verizon 5G isn’t going far…TechCrunch goes Extra…Best Fries Ratings Return…those stories and more are all here today in THE COMUNICANO!!

CBD Watch
Barney's. Neiman Marcus. America's stores are taking the leap into cannabis products
What Parents Need to Know About CBD
Weed company Green Growth Brands to open CBD shops in malls across US, as Barney's adds 'cannabis lifestyle shop'
Work Watch
Reversing the rural brain drain with remote working
Blockchain Watch
Amber Authenticate Protects Video Footage From Deepfakes and Tampering
Fintech Startup to Use Oracle Blockchain Platform to Boost Payment Processes
Coinbase Wallet Users Can Back Up Encrypted Keys on Google Drive and iCloud
Fintech Watch
AI, machine learning, data and Nordic banks
Small Businesses Are The Next Wave Of Fintech Focus
WeWork Watch
WeWork launches skills-based profiles as a value add for tenants
Airbnb Watch
Airbnb-style space is the new warehouse trend
Airbnb Isn't Going Anywhere. So Why Aren't Cities Regulating It More?
Privacy Watch
You Don't Get to Learn How the FBI Tried to Crack Facebook Messenger Encryption, Judge Rules
5G Watch
T-Mobile Plans to Offer "Affordable In-Home High-Speed Broadband" to Millions of Americans
Verizon issues call to action for 5G deployments
Verizon's stalled 5G rollout reportedly covers less than 10% of Sacramento
Echo Watch
Lawsuit claims Verizon promised subscribers free Echo devices, but failed to deliver
Scooter Watch
You Can Add Sudden-Acceleration Attacks to the List of Electric Scooter Dangers
Drone Watch
FAA Will Now Require You to Display an ID Number on Your Drone
Delivery Watch
Exclusive: DoorDash reveals how much it relies on customer tips to pay its workers
Media Watch
Google Watch
Announcing Extra Crunch
Publishers Chafe at Apple’s Terms for Subscription News Service
Cloud Watch
New Google cloud boss Thomas Kurian warns, 'You will see us competing much more aggressively'
Legal Watch
Videoconferencing in Immigration Court: High-Tech Solution or Rights Violation?
Odds & Ends
The official fast food French fry power rankings - Los Angeles Times
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