The COMUNICANO for Tuesday November 28th 2017

Was it a Gaff or what? Was it machine learning at its worst or simply predictive analytics that got Y
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Andy Abramson
Was it a Gaff or what? Was it machine learning at its worst or simply predictive analytics that got YouTube in hot water …and did you see how fast Jellies tried to capitalize….SoftBank takes a “cheap” shot at Uber…..WeWork wants you to MeetUp more….Bitcoin goes higher…Facebook wants to prevent suicide…..Are you cell phone records going to be private….those stories and more are all in today’s COMUNICANO.

YouTube Watch
Google-owned YouTube apologizes for 'disturbing autocomplete result'
Jellies is a subscription-based, kid-friendly alternative to YouTube Kids
YouTube Go is now out of beta
Uber Watch
SoftBank offers to buy Uber shares at 30 percent discount
WeWork Watch
WeWork To Acquire Meetup
This Is Why WeWork Is Buying Meetup
Bitcoin Watch
As Bitcoin Scrapes $10,000, an Investment Boom Like No Other
Shopping Watch
Adobe Data Shows Cyber Monday Is Largest Online Sales Day in History with $6.59 Billion
Facebook Watch
How Facebook’s AI Is Helping Save Suicidal People’s Lives
Amazon HQ Watch
This City Hall, brought to you by Amazon
Privacy Watch
How a Radio Shack Robbery Could Spur a New Era in Digital Privacy
Payment Watch
Workers Get Faster Access to Wages With These New Apps
Mobile Watch
How app developers and designers feel about the iPhone X—and the notch
Google Docs apps updated for iPhone X, iOS 11 drag-and-drop for iPad
Odds & Ends
Tumblr Founder David Karp Steps Down
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