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The COMUNICANO for Tuesday August 14th 2018

Why do so many cities and people hate The Scooters.....Where are Scooters going next.....Uber is tryi
August 14 · Issue #364 · View online
Andy Abramson
Why do so many cities and people hate The Scooters…..Where are Scooters going next…..Uber is trying to get smarter….Vomit fraud is getting worse…Is your Uber driver taking you for a ride…..Tesla brings back free charging…Cable TV is getting made over by Netflix and Amazon.Samsung wants to take you higher….Psst-that Echo is listening and not for Amazon….Facebook buys more sports league rights….Google may be tracking you when you think they’re not…..More hacking at the ATM….those stories and more, are all here today, in THE COMUNICANO!

Scooter Watch
Scooter Hate Is On A Destructive Roll In California
Electric scooters are going worldwide
Uber Watch
New Uber feature uses machine learning to sort business and personal rides
Lyft and Uber's vomit fraud problem is less and more gross than it sounds
Uber Drivers Take Riders the Long Way—at Uber’s Expense
Tesla Watch
Free Unlimited Lifetime Supercharging Now Available For Tesla Model 3 (With A Catch)
Cable Watch
Netflix, Amazon Video, and Xfinity are accidentally re-creating cable TV
Mobile Watch
The $1,000 Note 9 proves your next iPhone or Android prices will get higher
Wi-Fi Watch
Samsung says its new AI-based Wi-Fi system is smarter and promises better connectivity
Privacy Watch
Hackers discover way to hijack Amazon Echo and spy on unsuspecting users
AP Exclusive: Google tracks your movements, like it or not
How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location
FBI warns banks about potential ATM hacking scheme
AI Watch
Google DeepMind's AI can detect over 50 sight-threatening eye conditions - CNET
FaceBook Watch
Facebook snaps up more football rights
Facebook buys Vidpresso’s team and tech to make video interactive
YouTube Watch
YouTube Paying Stars Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Promote New Features
Amazon Watch
Amazon researchers develop complex voice recognition models that work offline
“Everybody Immediately Knew That It Was for Amazon”: Has Bezos Become More Powerful in D.C. Than Trump?
Apple Watch
Apple Pulls iOS 12 Beta 7 Update Due to Performance Issues
Travel Watch
Those Long Security Lines at Airports? They May Move Quicker Soon
Odds & Ends
Why scientists are infiltrating music festivals
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