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THE COMUNICANO for Thursday January 31st 2019

Apple's FaceTime flop may cause legal woes....Apple may have to offer China an iPhone from Column B..
January 31 · Issue #476 · View online
Andy Abramson
Apple’s FaceTime flop may cause legal woes….Apple may have to offer China an iPhone from Column B….Apple stirs up trouble with Facebook and why we should care….Tim Cook takes a page out of the book of Legere about cable tv….Amazon takes Alexa to the Super Bowl….AI is changing photography….H1B visas are getting tougher to get…Google removes an iPhone app….Google+ goes away in April…United and American duke it out over entertainment..Those stories and more are all here today, in THE COMUNICANO!!!

FaceTime Watch
Apple Sued Over FaceTime Bug Eavesdropping on Lawyer, Client
New York investigates Apple's Group FaceTime privacy bug
Apple Watch
Apple’s China problem may require new type of iPhone, say former company execs
Apple’s power over Facebook ought to worry the rest of us
Apple CEO Tim Cook says the cable bundle will unravel in 2019, but his prediction is premature
Netflix Watch
Apple Drops a Hint About Its Netflix Cut
Alexa Watch
Amazon gets Harrison Ford to reveal the grim future of Alexa
AI Watch
How AI is changing photography
Workplace Watch
H-1B visa lottery changing to favor those with advanced degrees
Facebook Watch
Want to get away with posting fake news on Facebook? Just change your website domain.
Google Watch
Google shuts down iPhone data-gathering app: 'This was a mistake, and we apologize'
Google+ will bid users farewell on April 2nd
Mobile Watch
Do You Need 1TB Storage in Your Next Phone? Maybe.
Travel Watch
United and American airlines try to outdo each other on entertainment
Odds & Ends
Hey, kids! Here’s your chance to re-enact the Apollo 11 moon landing with robots
The biggest ever data dump just hit a colossal 2.2 billion accounts
No matter how hard you try, you'll never be a morning person
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