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The COMUNICANO for Monday September 3rd 2018

September 3 · Issue #376 · View online
Andy Abramson
Amazon’s Alexa is going EVERYWHERE…..Chromebooks are spelling doom and gloom for Apple, Microsoft….Google Express slows down…..Cord Cutting offers a better experience….DOJ cracks down on bench and switch visa workers….California fights FCC over net neutrality……Google pulling “scam” ads…..Skype kills off a useless feature….Apple going bigger into AR..How PR is done in the crypto world…..Why Uber for X companies often fail….those stories and more are all here, in today’s COMUNICANO for Labor Day….

Amazon Watch
Amazon making good on promise to put Alexa everywhere
Google Watch
$600 Chromebooks are a dangerous development for Microsoft
New High Quality Chromebooks Prove The Pixelbook Did Its Job
Google Express Is No Closer to Beating Amazon, Five Years Later
Streaming Watch
Cutting cord may not save money, but it is a way better TV experience
Net Neutrality Watch
California passes strongest net neutrality law in the country
California Legislators Are Working to Send Blockchain to Governor’s Desk
Privacy Watch
Spies still can't get at encrypted comms data
Google Says It's Removing Over '100 Bad Ads Every Second'
Apple Watch
Apple Warns iPhones Have A Serious Problem
Apple hiring data shows it has augmented reality ambitions for Apple Maps
Twitter Watch
Twitter tests new threaded reply interface & status indicators to show who’s online
Skype Watch
Microsoft Kills Skype's Snapchat Clone Because No One Actually Used It
Tesla Watch
Tesla Roadster is ’embarrassing’ us, says supercar maker Koenigsegg
Gig Economy Watch
How Fiverr and Online Gig Platforms Create Competition
Odds & Ends
Stop treating tech jerks like gods
How crypto PR works
H-1B Visa Crackdown: DOJ Charges CEO With Fraud on Nearly 200 Applications
Why "Uber for X" startups failed: The supply side is king at andrewchen
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