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THE COMUNICANO for Monday March 11th 2019

France to become more startup focused...Why the sharing economy isn't really...Apple wants more of yo
March 11 · Issue #503 · View online
Andy Abramson
France to become more startup focused…Why the sharing economy isn’t really…Apple wants more of your money…Tesla speeds up prices, rethinks store closings…Facebook’s shift is about more than your privacy….Is Zuckerberg going down the shaft…Airbnb wins in Paris but faces a challenge in Miami…WeWork and workplace data drive design and more…Scooter injury data doesn’t look great…Your food delivery isn’t tasty to restaurants….Spielberg and Netflix word war is over (for now)…Europe wants your Visa…those stories and more are all in today’s COMUNICANO!!

Workplace Watch
France is going all in to help its startups compete globally for talent with the new French Tech Visa for Employees
The Sharing Economy Was Always a Scam
Apple Watch
Apple Offers 10% Bonus Credit When You Add Funds to Your Apple ID
Tesla Watch
Elon Musk says Tesla will raise prices and slow down store closures
Tesla has a self-driving strategy other companies abandoned years ago
Facebook Watch
What Facebook Wants to Distract You From With Its So-Called Pivot to Privacy
She Takes What You’ve Told Facebook and Sells It to a Luxury Brand
Mark Zuckerberg is rumored to have a secret escape passageway beneath his conference room for emergencies
Airbnb Watch
Court dismisses Paris lawsuit against Airbnb for illegal listings
Airbnb and Miami Beach Are at War. Travelers Are Caught in the Crossfire.
WeWork Watch
WeWork is Transforming the Way Architects Use Data in Design
Scooter Watch
Electric scooter injuries pile up, half coming from drunk or high riders
CDC Preparing Report on E-Scooter Injuries Amid Claims of People Getting Seriously Hurt
Delivery Watch
Consumers Love Food Delivery. Restaurants and Grocers Hate It.
Lyft Watch
If Lyft can’t keep its drivers as independent contractors, it may never be profitable
Netflix Watch
The Spielberg and Netflix Fight Is Over, At Last
Apparel Watch
Embrace the End of Ownership and Just Rent Your Clothes
Privacy Watch
Foursquare's unusual pitch: The ethical data company
Travel Watch
United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021
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