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The COMUNICANO for Friday March 3 2017

Shameless self promotion department...Yesterday I was both quoted and cited. In the case of the quote
March 3 · Issue #35 · View online
Andy Abramson

Shameless self promotion department…Yesterday I was both quoted and cited. In the case of the quote, it’s another example of being thought of as an “expert” on the subject of travel technology. When I was cited, it was having an insiders perspective and being able to articulate it in a memorable way. Both have one thing in common.  The sound bite.

Being able to muster the sound bite is an art, and is part of what I call, the “Art of the Quote.” Sound bites are short, very easy to remember statements that shape a reporter’s minds about their story. They provide the quick qwip that sums up the item being discussed, or makes the important point quickly. Last week, when I was quoted in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, I knew the moment I penned a Willy Wonka reference, I would make the story. And I did. We call that “the money shot.”
Donald Trump is a master of the sound bite. So was Steve Jobs. Athletes who are masters of the sound bite include Michael Jordan and Lebron James. In hockey Wayne Gretzky was always good for a memorable quote. The late Howard Cosell, as loquacious as he was, had that gift, as did of course Muhammad Ali. They all knew the moment they said something the right way, it would get repeated as a quote.
And with that, we have todays news about SNAP, Robotics, AI, AR, Gun sensing tech and a way to make your brand ID for all of $9 dollars. Those stories and more are all packed in today’s COMUNICANO.

Andy Watch
Travelers fret about WiFi, but it might be about to get better
Voice 2017 - Best of Times, Worst of Times
Robot Watch
Virginia becomes the first state to allow delivery robots to use sidewalks
Uber will apply for a self-driving test permit in California
AI Watch
With a Siri rival, Line preps a big AI push
Google’s Assistant AI is available for all modern Android handsets right now
Odds & Ends
NBC invests $500 million in Snapchat IPO
UBS: Apple already has 1,000 engineers working on AR in Israel
Incredible tech detects gunfire across America
GM offering unlimited data plan for 4G mobile hotspots
App Watch
Emblem - Build Your Own Beautiful Brand
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