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The COMUNICANO for Friday March 2nd 2018

Ah...the post MWC news slowdown...everyone bets on the news being so blockbuster at MWC they don't pu
March 2 · Issue #258 · View online
Andy Abramson
Ah…the post MWC news slowdown…everyone bets on the news being so blockbuster at MWC they don’t put out much this week…and looking at the news, well, it’s a SLOW day…Google and Dropbox pair up (YAWN)...Instagram will add real time voice and video making it more like Facebook Messenger (YAWN)…UBER passenger and rider go on a long ride home (how exciting) and a new DUMBphone comes to market soon (oh boy)..those and a few more are here for your reading pleasure…all in today’s COMUNICANO!!!

Cloud Watch
Working with Google Cloud to bring all your work together
Facebook Watch
Instagram code reveals unreleased voice and video calling
Uber Watch
Uber Rider Says He Blacked Out, Rode Through Multiple States, Got Exactly the Fare You’d Expect
Dumbphone Watch
The Light Phone 2 adds messaging and more to the ultra-minimalist cellphone - The Verge
Odds & Ends
The Secret to a High Tech Concierge Medical Office? Data
Adding Netflix won't save Sky, but that's not the point of the deal
Collaboration Matters Most for Front Line Workers
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