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The COMUNICANO for Friday March 10 2017

To say the tech news over the past 12-24 hours has been dominated by Google is an understatement. In
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Andy Abramson

To say the tech news over the past 12-24 hours has been dominated by Google is an understatement. In one day, Google has pretty much declared war on Amazon, Microsoft and Slack. One could say they have shot at IBM’s cloud play, SoftLayer too as well as just about any company selling cloud. About the only company Google hasn’t taken on is Apple.

The attacks are all centered around three core areas and these actions are direction setting, choreographed and downright impressive when looked at as the sum of their parts, not the individual pieces. Those parts are  cloud storage via Google Drive, email via the Gmail add-ons and most importantly Hangouts. About all Google didn’t a big deal about is the calendar and contacts…but the year’s not over yet either.

Hangouts, and messaging in general at Google has been like a person with multiple personality disorder. But with the declaration that Hangouts future development is going to center around where the money is, G Suite and the Enterprise, Google is clearly making their play to go after the collaboration and conferencing market in a big way. Their news yesterday makes Amazon’s efforts with Chime almost irrelevant at this point, and tosses a spanner or monkey wrench in the direction of Cisco’s WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom. Like I said, Google is declaring war on just about everybody..Everybody except Apple. 
This includes the CRM market too. With the opening up of Gmail to even more Add-On, and making those work on Android and iOS, they are now in a very smart way, going after the CRM players. Let’s face it, as much as we want to get away from email, we can’t. Usage isn’t going down, and by making email smarter, Google is likely on the hunt for AI and CRM focused services to compliment what they are doing.
Lastly is the attack against Slack. The way competitors look at Slack is as the belligerent child. It is the single most market chased startup in the enterprise, as evidenced by the efforts from Amazon, Microsoft, FaceBook and now Google to all say “we’re going after the market which Slack has.” 

Google though was very smart. It knows the earliest adopters are Mac users, so their “web ready” approach lands those and further embraces the Chrome browser user market. But it’s their iOS readiness also that is the lynch pin in their development strategy. iOS has such a dominant market share in the business market that by doing what Microsoft never realized it should have done with Office, that is embracing the iOS community with a “must do it for them” approach, Google is pretty much saying, we want to play nice with Apple’s customers, not really Apple.
So with this, and without further delay..let’s jump right into today’s COMUNICANO.

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